Nonin GO2 Achieve Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Nonin GO2 Achieve Pulse Oximeter

Nonin GO2 Achieve Pulse Oximeter


Price: $99.00

The Nonin GO2 Achieve pulse oximeter delivers extremely accurate vital sign monitoring technology in an American made instrument designed for use at home.

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More then just another electronics manufacturer, Nonin Medical is globally recognized for their pulse oximetry technology.  Trusted by medical professionals in clinical and critical care environments, Nonin pulse oximeters are extremely accurate and offer dependable readings.

The Nonin GO2 Achieve is their leading pulse oximeter designed for home use.  Having received great reviews from consumers, this is one of the best values for those seeking a professional grade pulse oximeter.

While most pulse oximeters are made in China, the Nonin GO2 Achieve is proudly made in the USA, with an American workforce, and in a controlled manufacturing environment.  Whether you need a pulse oximeter for medical applications, or for fitness, the Nonin GO2 Achieve is surely capable of addressing your unique needs.

The Nonin GO2 Achieve fingertip pulse oximeter includes these features:

Easy to read LCD with backlight
Highly accurate blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings
Automatically powers down once removed from the finger
Continuous monitoring capable
Uses one AAA battery which lasts for thousands of readings
Ships with a Nonin two year warranty

While price is always a significant factor in making any purchase, those that spend the additional money on this American made unit will be extremely pleased with their Nonin GO2 Achieve pulse oximeter for years to come.

Nonin GO2 Achieve Pulse Oximeter User Guide

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