Contec CMS50L Finger Pulse Oximeter


Contec CMS50L Finger Pulse Oximeter

Contec CMS50L Finger Pulse Oximeter


Price: $21.33

A popular finger pulse oximeter with a below average price for its included features.

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The CMS50L finger pulse oximeter from Contec is an ideal middle of the road oximeter.  This oximeter is capable of reading oxygenation rates of 35% to 99%.  Additionally, this unit also measures a pulse rate range of 30 to 235 bpm.

The CM50L pulse oximeter is ideal for sports enthusiasts and those that suffer from medical conditions, such as emphysema.  The affordability of this unit makes it extremely easy to monitor oxygen saturation in the blood and ones pulse.

What is nice about the CMS50L is that it has a large digital readout, which would be greatly appreciated by those that have a difficult time reading smaller print.  The Contec CMS50L also automatically powers down, to preserve battery life, when it is disconnected for eight seconds.  With a basic set of features, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular finger pulse oximeters in use today.

The Contec CMS50L comes with a one year manufacturer warranty, owners manual and hang string.  Those that purchase this pulse oximeter may want to consider purchasing a carrying case for storage and/or to easily wear on a belt.

CMS-50L Finger Pulse Oximeter Datasheet

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